Web interface for locating peer accounts

Internet interface for locating members' accounts and accounts of deceased members

 Financial Services Supervision (Provident Funds) Regulations (Locating Members and Beneficiaries), 2012 (the Locations Regulations), published by the Commissioner of the Capital Market Division Insurance and Savings in the Ministry of Finance Circular Institutional Entities 2012-9-18 regarding ‘Internet interface for locating members’ accounts and accounts of deceased members’. To manage information from the interface, users will be required to provide identification information to the Ministry of Finance, the Capital Market Division and the Ministry of Finance will verify this information.

Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the circular, Reut transmits to the Supervisor the information required under the provisions of the circular in connection with fellow accounts in the fund.

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Possibility to remove an Internet interface
A member who wishes to remove information about his accounts managed in the Reut Continuing Education Fund from the Internet interface is asked to send a written request to the Reut Public Inquiries Department. The said information will be removed from two weeks from the date of receipt of the application or from the date of transmission of the adjacent information in accordance with the requirements of the law, whichever is later. The application can be forwarded to the company’s offices at 40 Tuval St., Sapir Tower, Ramat Gan 5252247, fax 03-6959824 or email sherut@reut.net To download the Internet Interface Removal Request form, click here .